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Boys Like Girls’s "Two Is Better Than One" Feat. Taylor Swift


Yay, I have a third May post!

This time I’m going to be writing about the song “Two Is Better Than One” by Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift. At first, I was surprised they even collaborated and did a song together, because they are two very different artists. Boys Like Girls is more alternative, while Taylor Swift is country. But I really like the outcome; the mix between the two genres sounds really nice.

I think I’m feeling really cheerful this month, because I haven’t really been writing about depressing songs. Which is good, I guess, so that you’ll know that I’m not always depressing!

Anyway, the song. Yes. Now I’ll talk about the song.

The song starts simple, with just guitar and singing. The beginning sounds really Boys Like Girls-ish, very much their style. Especially the falsetto, which is pretty predictable, since that’s also present in Hero Heroine. And then it crescendoes and Taylor Swift comes in and sings in her oh-so-country voice, mixing up the two genres. I guess the song leans more to alternative, but with Taylor’s voice, it just gives the song a country twist.

My favorite part of the song is the climax, where there were lots of drums and guitar and strings, but it’s not too over the top. Then it goes back to the ordinary dynamics and it just makes me feel all calm and warm. And I just like the strings in the background overall. It makes it sound more majestic.

I wish there’s more Taylor in it, because the balance of male and female vocal is off and the male vocal overpowers the female voice. There’s only one part where Taylor sings alone, and maybe she could’ve sang a little in the first part.

Oh, and I have to say that this song is very repetitive. Why do I have to say that? Because repetitive songs gets stuck in my head and I’m warning you to never put it on loop. Trust me, you don’t want to do that.

This is also one of those simple songs, like “If You Could Be Anywhere”, which is my first post of the month. It’s just that Tom Felton‘s song is done in the most simple way, while this one has some climactic moment in it and it has more variety of instruments.

I think that’s it. Nothing else I want to talk about. So after you finish listening to it, please comment and add on to my analysis!


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Tom Felton’s "If You Could Be Anywhere"

I’m very baffled about my reluctance to write. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for May during April just so I can write more blog posts (I was trying very hard to not write anything more during April) and now that May is here, I just have no time to write. But alas, here I am, and I’m writing. So, on to the first song of the month!

So the song I’m going to be talking about is called “If You Could Be Anywhere” which is by Tom Felton. You know, the guy who plays as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Yes, he sings. And yes, he writes his own music. He has a few EPs on iTunes, and one of them is called “In Good Hands” which is the EP that contains “If You Could Be Anywhere” one of my favorite songs by┬áhim. He plays all the instruments and sings in the song.

So, you might be wondering how I found out about this song. I found out about Tom Felton’s songs through YouTube, when it wasn’t blocked in China, of course. I was just searching for random Harry Potter stuff when I found a video of Tom Felton playing a guitar and singing. I liked the first song, so I looked for more, and ta-da: this song is my favorite now!

This is a pretty simple song, I guess, since it consists of only acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica towards the end. However, I think it has a very catchy tune and it gets stuck in my head. A lot.

This song doesn’t have a very thick timbre since the only instruments played are acoustic guitar and harmonica, and I think this fits the song’s light and cheerful mood. (For once, I am actually blogging about a cheerful song! Ha!) I really like it, and I don’t think I’ll like it as much if he puts more instruments in it. Sometimes it feels really awesome listening to a really simple song like this one.

I also think that the harmonica is a very nice addition to the song. It makes the second half of the song sound more interesting and I think it’s creative. Not a lot of songs nowadays would include something like a harmonica, and being a former harmonica player (no, I don’t play anymore), this is really cool for me.

I really don’t know what else to say. Hmm. Interesting. Anyway, I’ve been trying to think of a weakness, and me being the kind of person who doesn’t really think of the technical things in music, thinks it’s just fine. So. If you have any thoughts on it, please share!

P.S. I think the song sounds so much better with his thick English accent. Hehe. Christy is influencing me way too much…

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