About Me


Welcome to this music blog, originally a Shekou International School Wind Ensemble music blog. I’m Alitha, the writer of this music blog. I’m a tenth grader, but don’t underestimate me, or the other SIS bloggers. We promise that you won’t be disappointed when you see how insightful and talented we are at writing about music!

Now. Less about the whole class and more about me. I love all kinds of music, and you can practically find everything (okay, I exaggerate) in my iPod, from Miley Cyrus to Evanescence to Carrie Underwood. My biggest hobby is writing. I love writing, especially fiction writing, and I wish to be a journalist of some sort when I grow up (of course, with being an author as a side job!). And of course, a love of writing also comes with a love of reading. My favorite novel genre would have to be romance. Especially the mushy, depressing kind. That’s another thing that you should know about me. I like depressing things. Not that I’m goth or emo or anything (the website layout says it all)… I’m a cheerful person, but when it comes to music and books, I like depressing ones. However, I don’t like depressing visuals. At all.

Anyway, enough about me! Feel free to read my blog, and I encourage you to comment!


Since I am no longer attending SIS (cue sobs), and I am now living in Thailand, YouTube is available and I will now start linking to YouTube instead of random links. I’m sorry if any China residents are reading and can’t access the songs, it is just much easier for me to link to YouTube. So I apologize to those people, because I know how it feels, but I have very limited time in my busy life to find links to songs.


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