KSM’s “Best Friends Forever”

Since it’s the end of the school year and I’m leaving Shenzhen for good, this post is dedicated to all the friends I met in China.

KSM is an all-girls band who opened for Honor Society and the Jonas Brothers. And yes, of course, that’s how I discovered this band. KSM consists of five girls: Kate (drums), Katie (guitar/vocals), Shae (guitar), Sophia (bass) and Shelby (vocals), and the name of the band comes from their initials and the first letter in ‘music’.

I love the simplicity of the beginning of the song “Best Friends Forever” from KSM‘s album “Read Between the Lines”. I think it captures the emotion of the song very well. Other than that, the composition of this song is pretty standard and predictable.

Shelby’s voice is really interesting, though. Very unique; I’ve never heard any other voice like hers. I think her voice fits this song. In some of the other songs, her voice can get a little shrieky at times. I actually prefer Katie’s voice. Her voice is more soft than Shelby’s, and I think it’s very pretty. Check out the song “Everytime You Go” if you’re interested in listening to Katie’s voice.

I think that it would be nice if they added a piano part in this song because I think of piano as a soft instrument, and I think it would work well with this song.

Anyway — to my best friends: I’ll miss you, and I dedicate this song to you. See you guys in a few years. =)


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    Jamie the Keener said,

    They definitely should have added a piano part, like what you said! Even though I feel like there was a little bit of piano in the background…if there was, they should have brought it out a little bit more. But it still sounds good as is. =D
    I think Shelby’s voice was really nice most of the time. It had a bit of a harder edge to it, I mean…during the higher parts. But it sounded really cool!
    I miss youu!!!

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