Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox’s Cover of "Falling Slowly"

Falling Slowly
I’m sort of in an American Idol mood right now, and I just really want to blog about this one song. It was performed during Movie Week in American Idol as a duet, by my two favorite contestants, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox (well, mostly Lee, but I like Crystal, too). This song is originally from the movie “Once”, which I heard is really good. Believe me, I’ve heard three people rant about how amazing it is (*cough*Mr. W*cough*). And it’s supposed to be this romantic story, apparently, so I really want to watch it. (Me and my romance… *sigh*) I’d watch it, but it’s rated R, so… I can’t. Obviously. But I digress. Now I’ll go back to the song.

Anyway, the song is called “Falling Slowly” and I think they sang it really well and arranged it really well, too, for a duet. I really liked how in the beginning, it’s just the two guitar and vocals, and then it builds up with the strings and piano and all that. It makes the song more interesting than the original version. I still like the simplicity of the original, but I also like how they arranged it here. Even though I think that the drums are sort of a little too much sometimes. Well, the drums only exist in the live version of it. But yeah…it’s still really good, even with the drums!

I also really like how well Lee and Crystal‘s voice go together. I’m guessing you already know why I like Lee’s voice, if you’ve listened to him sing, since he has that raspy, rough voice that I just love. (Though sometimes, I think of his voice as a combination of Kris Allen‘s and Danny Gokey‘s, if you know how any of the American Idol people last season sound like. Just saying.) Seriously, how many times have I written about a guy with a voice similar to this one? I should count it. I think right now, it’s, I don’t know, four? Anyway… (why do I keep on going off topic these days?) I never really realized how nice Crystal‘s vibrato sounds. It really shows in this song. And… yeah, they just sound really good together, in my opinion! They are just two really good musicians and I was very delighted when I found out that they were to do the duet together. I’ve seen some people comment on American Idol contestants, and a lot of people say that Crystal is the one to win; people have mixed reviews on Lee, however. Some say he’s going to win (including me. Heh.), some say he’ll certainly be in the top 2, while others hate him so much that they say that he can’t sing. Which is obviously not true, since he’s currently in the top 3… But hey, you can tell me after you listen to this song! Gosh, how many times have I gone off on a tangent?

I also really like the part towards the end of the song, where they sing different parts at the same time. That doesn’t exist in the original song, and I think it’s a really nice twist. Makes the song more memorable, and it gets stuck in my head a lot. It also shows the efforts they put into making the song sound like their own without changing it too much. Christy actually got it stuck in her head after listening to it just once!

Overall, I just really like the song and its various versions. (The original soundtrack version, Kris Allen version, and Dewyzersox version) It’s a really sweet, beautiful song, and I think that Lee and Crystal did a really good job singing it. Tell me what you think! I’m very eager to know. =)

P.S. If you’re wondering where I got the ‘Dewyzersox’ thing (DeWyze + Bowersox), I got it while reading another blog… And it just stuck in my head, just like the song! Oh, and I don’t actually have the song, so this is a link from a different site.

Studio version: http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=sxM0mhT9AaJdMqDafQRQ

I personally like the live version better (I think that the way they performed it on stage was just great!), so if you’re interested, watch the video here: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTczNDY4ODAw.html


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  1. 1

    Jamie the Keener said,

    i like that song! =) didn’t bother to listen to the studio version…went straight to the ‘better version’ (at least, that’s what i gathered from your post…lol). i love how they both play acoustic guitar! haha.

    well…i think lee’s voice is pretty good…during the chorus. during the verses, though, he sounded like he was TRYING TOO HARD. and when you try to hard, you usually start over-exerting your voice…which generally leads to singing some of the notes slightly off pitch.

    if you ask me, crystal’s gonna win. i don’t know whether or not lee would get to second (cuz i haven’t heard the other singer yet…XP) so…well…i have nothing else to say other than the screaming at the beginning almost shattered my eardrums.

  2. 2

    Alitha said,

    *sticks tongue out* well I like his voice at the verses. I know, I’m weird. XP I still hope he wins, although my mom totally jinxed it with the whole tragic story thing… ugh.

    Then I’m guessing you’ll like the studio version, because he doesn’t do that as much in the studio version!!

  3. 3

    Jamie the Keener said,

    well, obviously she didn’t because he’s in the top two now. but i still think that crystal will win. =P
    heh…i’ll listen to the studio version once i get home =)

  4. 4

    Alitha said,

    Lee’s gonna win =D I’m getting confident. And he’s getting confident because he’s been smiling a lot. (He has reputation of never smiling, so when he smiles, it’s very unusual)

    Yes, listen to it, and tell me what you think.

  5. 5

    Jamie the Keener said,

    i like it a LOT better. very acoustic-ish, (even tho i miss the drums a little, it sounds nice even without them. i guess it fits the mood of the song better) =D he doesn’t go…out…of…yeah you know…he doesn’t get pitchy =)

    never smiles? *coughs and looks up at the picture at the top of the blog post in which lee just-so-happens-to-be smiling* that’s rather unusual.

  6. 6

    Alitha said,

    Yup, I thought so =)

    Hahaha yeah that’s practically the only picture I found in which he’s smiling. =P

  7. 7

    Jamie the Keener said,

    haha! =) it should be easier to find now, though, (you know, screen shots of ai)…

  8. 8

    Alitha said,

    Yeah, should be much easier =D

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