Evanescence’s "Bring Me To Life"


Here’s something weird: a few weeks ago, I suddenly remembered a single song title that I haven’t heard in ages. Then, I looked for it on listen.grooveshark.com (great website, by the way, you should check it out) and listened to it. Guess what happens next?

I became obsessed with it.

Seriously, this is a bad habit for me. I’d listen to one song that I either really, really love or haven’t listened to in a while, and then I can’t stop listening to it! So I guess now you know why I’m talking about this, right? Because what else am I going to talk about in this blog post? Why, that piece of music that I’m obsessing over, of course!

So. Drum roll, please, as I present to you the song…

It’s “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this band or not, but Evanescence is a Goth rock band with a female lead singer, Amy Lee. This song, which was a single from their debut album “Fallen”, was released in 2003 and features a male singer, too: Paul McCoy. I have never heard of him before this, but apparently, he’s in another rock band.

Now, here’s a teeny warning before you consider listening to it. There’s a little bit of screaming in it. But it only takes about 10 seconds of the song, so I think it’s fine. I mean, I don’t like songs with screaming in it in the first place either, but this is an awesome song.

Anyway, I’ll move on to actually talking about the music. Finally.

The intro is very eerie and mysterious. It consists of only piano and strings, and it was very quiet, so I guess this is why it sounds mysterious. The singer’s voice in the beginning is actually rather haunting, too. It gives me the chills when I’m listening to it in my room all alone at night…

Then, the guitars come, and the drums, and then it just becomes this awesome loud music. I love how the different instruments come out one by one. It’s a great buildup to the song’s climax. A great contributor to the crescendo, too.

Paul McCoy comes out first in the chorus. I think that this part is a really addicting part, because it gets stuck in my head, mainly because they repeated the chorus a few times.

This whole song is great, but my favorite part has to be the bridge. Amy Lee’s voice is really strong and powerful in this part, and I love that. And there’s a little part by Paul McCoy that sounds kind of like rap, which is interesting. I also think that the melody here is really memorable, especially the part where the lyrics says “Frozen inside, without your touch, without your love” and so on. And then, of course, comes the screaming. Actually kind of fits, I think. It’s like this part is very balanced, because there’s the melodic and vulnerable female part, and then there’s the screaming and rough male part.

I really like the drums in the end. It’s so loud. I don’t know, sometimes I just like that loudness. Like I can’t hear myself think, so that I don’t think as much as I usually do. I guess it’s sort of like my escape from reality.

Right now, I can’t really think of any flaws in the song… It won Best Hard Rock Performance in the 2004 Grammy awards, after all. But, hey, maybe you can think of something. So please listen to it, and share your thoughts in the little comment box below! And if you’re interested in this band, I’d recommend you to listen to the rest of the “Fallen” album, which I think is by far their best album to date, and especially listen to “Going Under” and “My Immortal”. These two and “Bring Me To Life” are my favorites!


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  1. 1

    twein1 said,

    Soooo….where’s the music? Are you holding us in suspense, because I don’t appreciate being held in suspense!

  2. 2

    Alitha said,

    ha, ha, very funny. I couldn’t post it at home, and I still can’t, and today at school I realized that I don’t have the song in my school laptop, so… I’ll post it tomorrow!!

  3. 3

    Alitha said,

    So apparently the file that I have is too big, so I found a different one online… That’s where the link under my writing goes to.


  4. 4

    Jamie said,

    *gasp*. You never heard of 12 stones b4? *oggles Alitha as if she were some kind of alien* where on planet jupiter have you been living all these years??
    also, the title is exactly the same as one by this band called thousand foot crutch. i am going to blog that one next just to annoy you.
    soo…i went to grooveshark and listened to it…her voice is so pretty!! and i didn’t think the screamo was that bad…

  5. 5

    Jamie said,

    and it reminded me of listening to music in my car while on the highway and looking at the golden hills of ca roll past…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME HOMESICK ALITHA???? you’re so mean. *sniff*

  6. 6

    Alitha said,

    Haha. Nope, not until I further researched after I got obsessed with this song. And when I was writing the blog I forgot the name of the band and I was too lazy to look it up. lol.
    tsk, tsk, tsk, Jamie, are you that out of ideas to copy my OWN saying about planet Jupiter?

    Suuurreeee…go ahead, blog about that. I’ll still be the first one to post a blog about a song called ‘Bring Me To Life’. 😀

    Yeah, I didn’t think the screamo was that bad too. That’s why I like the song =)

  7. 7

    Alitha said,

    how the heck did this song remind you of THAT?!?!?!

  8. 8

    Jamie said,

    I’m allowed to use it bcuz i was there when you originated it. that’s why. and it reminded me of ca bcuz a lot of the songs i listened to on the radio fit that style.

  9. 9

    Alitha said,

    oohhhhhhhhhhhh so you listen to this kind of stuff… interesting… NOW would you not get annoyed if Summer and I talk about the whole duet thing? You know, Jamie-squared? 😛

  10. 10

    Jamie said,

    *gapes* you do realized that what you just said is very obvious to the entire world, and the entire world can read that?
    and, yes, i will still get very annoyed.

  11. 11

    Alitha said,

    …yes…I’m aware of that… =D it’s just gonna annoy you even more!

  12. 12

    Jamie said,

    tsk tsk…it’s not funny

  13. 13

    Alitha said,

    haha…well, it’s funny to me 😛

  14. 14

    Mr. W said,

    OK. This music is:

    a. Soooo 2002
    b. Dee-pressing!

    That said, there must be something good about it, because these guys totally took the US (and beyond?) by storm.

    It’s just so….dark

    I do like the thin texture – it’s really haunting…the synth strings on top of the plinky piano part…

  15. 15

    Alitha said,

    @Mr. W:

    Correction. It’s ‘so 2003’. 😛

    Yes. My point. It’s SO dark and awesome =) I can’t help but love all kinds of dark and depressing songs ❤

  16. 16

    Jamie the Keener said,

    you know what? this song sounds a lot like this band i know called Plum. i know, weird name. but, really, the intro sounds SO like Plum’s music! and her voice at the beginning sounds similar too! =D

  17. 17

    Alitha said,

    Plum? Yeah, that’s a weird name!

  18. 18

    Jamie the Keener said,

    weird name, good music! i’d blog about it but i don’t actually have any of her songs…i only heard them on the radio…
    at least…i don’t THINK i have any of her songs…

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